Heffernan Consultancy


Is your company taking advantage of the current climate?  Has your business been able to capitalise by becoming a market leader through supplying your product or service at the right price at the right time?  Have you been able to attract the talent that has recently been released onto the market?  Whether this is a time of opportunity or of concern for your business, every organisation is faced with the ongoing challenge of change.  To stay ahead of the game your business needs to be constantly evolving.

While some organisations take change in their stride, others need specialist support and expertise to realise their company’s vision; that’s where we come in.  Here at Heffernan Consultancy we provide a specialist outsourcing facility for all your consultancy needs.  We pride ourselves in our ability to give clear, concise and objective business advice on the issues affecting the key areas of your organisation.  Our specific areas of competency are:

  • Leadership and management expertise
  • Business mentoring
  • Organisational re-structuring
  • Change management
  • Selection and retention

We aim to structure our services around your organisation and facilitate its individual needs.  Through client engagement, we deliver increased organisational performance by:

  • Developing resilient leadership
  • Driving higher levels of productivity through an organisational management structure which works for your business
  • Helping to maximise profits now and in the future
  • Helping you to implement plans to realise your company’s vision
  • Successfully planning and managing change
  • Developing company specific leadership and management workshops & training
  • Attracting and retaining the correct people for the business by devloping an organisation-specific selection process
  • Enhancing employee engagement and motivation through focus-groups, workshops  and improved communication
  • Coaching


While Heffernan Consultancy provides expertise in the areas listed above, we know that there are areas of your business that need more specific help and we are happy to recommend one of our many trusted associates to provide this expertise.

So whether you need us for a once off report or a continuing consultancy service, we aim to provide affordable practical solutions for every level of your organisation.