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Specialising in: Leadership and its measurement; Workplace Psychology including Organisational Re-structuring, Selection and Retention, Stress Management; Business Mentoring; Psychometrics; Sport Psychology

Nollaig graduated with an honours degree in Applied Psychology followed by a Higher Diploma in Business and Financial Information Systems from University College, Cork, Ireland. A Masters in Work and Organisational Psychology from the University of Hull, UK, combined both disciplines of psychology and business and inspired further research in the form of a PhD, specialising in the area of leadership and its measurement under the supervision of Dr. Peter Clough.  This dual-discipline background in business and psychology has been invaluable in helping companies and organisations to improve their performance through both their processes and their people.

Leadership Coaching

Nollaig’s research is described in Chapter 3 of Kogan Page’s book “Leadership Coaching”.

A keen interest in all sport but in particular running, rowing and cycling, has turned more recently from competing to coaching and has resulted in successes at county, national and international competitions in rowing. As a result of her experiences in sport, Nollaig has chartership status with the British Psychological Society’s Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology and is a registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the Health Professions Council (Margaret Nollaig Heffernan; Reg. No. PYL05696).



In order to provide the complete package we believe in acknowledging our limitations and draw on the expertise of our associates to advise you in areas where our knowledge is limited.